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Due to chain-link fencing’s longevity and resilience to weather, chain fencing is a popular choice among commercial businesses and residential applications. It may be referred to as cyclone fencing, wire-mesh fencing, diamond-mesh fencing, or wire netting. Chain-link fences often protect a variety of things, including:

  • Warehouses
  • parking lots
  • business grounds

A chain-link fence is also useful for keeping undesirable pests and guests out of the yard of your house. To schedule your chain-link fence installation, call (903) 201-0234 immediately. We’re one of the premier Longview fence companies in the area, and we can help you with your next fencing project.

Chain-link fences can be galvanized or black vinyl-coated. Each fence can range in height from four to eight feet. You may even have us create a unique gate beside your new fence for added convenience.

Chain-link fencing has been one of the most popular fencing options for over a century and is the most effective approach to creating a safe and secure perimeter area. From temporary fences to high-security accessories and privacy screening, you’ll find a solution for any commercial or home project.

Chain-link fencing is less expensive than most other east Texas home fence solutions. Chain link fencing is far less expensive than other fence alternatives, such as wood privacy fencing or elegant iron fencing. This type of fence is one of the most preferred fencing options for households in eastern Texas due to its great resilience, height customization, and inexpensive cost.

A new chain link gate and fence may be the ideal option for you if you’re seeking the most cost-effective approach to safeguarding your home property. Reach out now in order to see how we can tailor a chain-link fence to your specific requirements. Longview Fence Company has a wide range of options, including different-height fences, different colors, and a variety of hardware options.

Chain-Link Fence Terminology and Definitions

Fabric: fabric is created by weaving steel wires into a mesh. To construct the face of a chain-link fence, the fabric is fitted to the posts.
Wire gauge: the wire’s diameter.
Mesh Width: The width of the chain-link mesh hole.
Pipe and Tube: The structure for the Chain Link fence system is made up of pipe and tube. The robustness of a framework is assessed based on ASTM specifications, wall thickness, and outer diameter sizes.
Fittings: The hardware used to bind the chain-link fabric to the pipe and tube structure is referred to as fittings.
Accessories: Chain link fence systems can be customized to improve utility, visual appeal, or aesthetics.

Galvanized Chain Link Fence Systems

The most common and least expensive technique for safeguarding chain-link fence systems is galvanized, hot-dipped zinc coating. Galvanized chain-link fencing has been used for decades to define property limits and safeguard property. It is a flexible fencing option that will give years of maintenance-free protection. This material is great for golf courses, park boundary fences, and tennis courts. It’s strength makes it ideal for security, roads, and commercial applications.

Why choose Longview Fence Company?

There are several Longview fence companies that install chain-link, but none of them are as experienced as Longview Fence Company, so don’t trust your next project to the other guy.

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