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Invisible Dog Fence

Did you know that we also build and install fences that keep your pets safe? Our fence professionals can help you choose the best pet containment system for your specific scenario and yard. We offer pet fencing solutions for both seasoned pet owners and new pet owners, cats or dogs, and both indoor and outdoor fencing systems.

Your cat or dog will appreciate having the freedom that they all wish for while still allowing you to remain confident that your pet will stay on your property. Regardless of whether you need an entire new system installed or you have an existing system that needs repairs, Longview Fence Company is ready to assist.

Outdoor Hidden Dog Fences

Our adaptable pet fence, suitable for both dogs and cats, can be configured with various zones and settings, remaining discreetly buried to preserve the aesthetics of your property. During the installation of your concealed fence, we will bury a wire along the property’s perimeter, accompanied by training flags to mark the location of the new boundary. This wire originates and ends at a transmitter situated near an indoor power outlet, typically within a garage. Your pet will then wear a compact, customized receiver tailored to their specific size and temperament. By following a stress-free and relaxed type of training each day, pets are generally free to roam their yard within a week or two.

Indoor Hidden Dog Fences

Most people of heard of outdoor dog fences, but a lot of people have no idea that there are indoor versions as well. We can make it simple to keep your dog out of the cat litter box or to keep your cat off of your kitchen countertops. You have the flexibility to opt for either a wireless or custom-wired system. In the case of our indoor boundaries, you can choose between a wireless zone or a custom-wired setup with the lines cleverly concealed. The precision of our indoor system allows for the creation of zones as compact as just a few feet.

How Does an Underground Dog Fence Work?

An underground electric pet fence basically works by creating an invisible barrier around your yard. The barrier is usually an underground wire, but a wireless transmitter can also be used instead. The pet then wears a collar with a receiver attached to it. The collar will alert the pet that it is near the invisible barrier. A pet owner can teach their dog or cat to stay within the boundaries established by the underground wire or wireless transmitter area with basic training.

Wired Pet Fences

For wired systems, our fence experts will bury a wire a few inches deep along the entire boundary of your property. This wire creates a loop and is subsequently connected to an indoor transmitter, typically plugged into a garage by most pet owners. After the transmitter is plugged in, it emits a signal through the wire. This signal establishes an invisible barrier that is detected by the collar receiver that the pet wears.

An underground fence offers several advantages. With the underground wired fence, you have the flexibility to shape the exact area you would like to contain the pet in. For example, if you have a rose garden and want to keep Fido out of it, we can add a wire around the perimeter of the flower bed, which will act as a barrier to that specific portion of the yard only. You can create “zones” like this and keep pets off of pool decks, gardens, pergolas, porches, etc. without restricting them from the main yard.

You can also do this with pools, vegetable gardens and more. In addition to this, you can also cancel out certain areas so that your pet can safely pass through certain sections. This is very useful in situations like gates, arches and other areas that your pet needs access to. This can give your pet some additional freedom without causing you the unnecessary work of deactivating the collar for a short period of time.

Wireless Pet Fences

Wireless pet fences work a little bit differently than wired versions. In order to install a wireless system, the user simply plugs in a wireless transmitter into an electrical outlet. That transmitter broadcasts a signal in a circular shape around it. The distance, or radius, from that transmitter can be adjusted to a certain maximum level, depending on the manufacturer of the transmitter.

These types of pet fences obviously have some drawbacks, specifically the lack of flexibility in zones and specific areas. Wherever the transmitter is plugged into is the center of the boundary, so unless you have a large yard and want to confine a pet to only a certain portion of that yard, wired fences offer much more flexibility.

However, these kinds of fences offer some flexibility in travel. Wireless pet fences are great when bringing your pet to a family member’s or friend’s home. They’re also great for pet owners who frequently travel in RVs, as invisible fences can be set up very quickly.

Whatever type of pet fence project you’re working on, Longview Fence Company can assist. Call us today to get started or fill out the form at the top of this page and someone will contact you shortly.

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