Rose Garden Center

The Tyler Municipal Rose Garden, usually known by its shorter name, the Rose Garden Center, is a historic garden in Tyler that holds the largest collection of roses in the entire United States of America. This unique garden is the star of the annual Texas Rose Festival and is one of the biggest tourist attractions in the city of Tyler. It was added to the National Register of Historic Places on March 22, 2019.

Rose Garden Center History

The Rose Garden Center started as a park project back in 1938, and it was almost completely finished by 1941. When America joined World War II, the garden center was put on hold, and it wasn’t officially open to the public for another 11 years, in 1952. By 1992, the city decided to rebuild the center in order to expand its capacity and host the Tyler Rose Museum.

The garden itself is about 14 acres in size. It holds almost 40,000 rose bushes in over 500 different varieties. Within those varieties, there are some 50 different types of heritage roses. Heritage, or Heirloom roses, originated in Europe and Asia hundreds of years ago. All rose varieties today come from these “bloodlines.”

This site is an All-America Rose Selections test garden. If you’ve never heard of the AARS, you’re probably not alone. However, the AARS was a huge deal in the floral world, especially in the world of roses. It was the most prestigious award given for roses annually from 1940 to 2013. The AARS was eventually replaced by the American Garden Rose Selections program in 2016.


The best time to visit the Rose Garden Center is in the spring, during the spring bloom, and in October for the Rose Festival. Both of these events offer rose enthusiasts and photographers amazing opportunities to capture the natural beauty of the garden. The amazing aroma coming from the flowers enhances the entire experience and turns it into something truly magical.

Queens Court

One of the most prominent features in the garden is called the Queen’s Court. This unforgettable part of the garden features some of the most beautiful and magnificent roses. Each year during the Rose Festival, a Queen of the Roses is chosen and crowned here, making the Queens Court a must-see attraction when you visit. You’ll be amazed at the ornamental fencing provided by a local Tyler fence company.

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