Tyler Museum of Art

The Tyler Museum of Art is an inspiring destination for locals and tourists alike. The museum invites art enthusiasts and curious minds into a world of creativity, inspiration, and expression. More than just a collection of artworks, this museum is a dynamic space where the past, present, and future of artistic efforts collide in one location, offering visitors a rich and unique experience.

The museum’s collection spans a broad range of styles, mediums, and periods, including both regional and international art. From classic masterpieces to contemporary works that push the boundaries of the imagination, the museum provides a complete overview of the ever-evolving landscape of artistic talent.

Curated Collection

One of the best parts of the Tyler Museum of Art is its commitment to curating an amazing collection. The museum hosts a revolving selection of exhibitions, which ensures that every visit will offer a new perspective. Whether you’re a fan of traditional paintings, avant-garde sculptures, or immersive multimedia installations, the museum’s dynamic approach to a curated collection ensures that there’s always something new to discover.

While the museum proudly showcases the talents of regional artists, it also embraces a global look at art, bridging the gap between local artistry and international influence. This combination creates a unique atmosphere where visitors can appreciate the cultural richness of East Texas while also getting to experience a more global feel for art.


Unlike some traditional museums, the Tyler Museum of Art isn’t just a place to look at art; it’s a place to actively engage in conversations about art and, in some cases, interaction with the art itself. The museum hosts tons of different events and workshops geared towards education and accessibility to art for everyone. They have hands-on art classes for kids and thought-provoking panel discussions for adults. The museum creates an inclusive space for everyone to connect with art.

The museum itself is a work of architectural art. The building is both modern and welcoming, and it provides an amazing backdrop for all the pieces it contains.

Details for Your Visit

The Tyler Museum of Art has an amazing website that contains tons of information, including location, current and upcoming exhibitions in collections, upcoming classes and panels, ways to support the museum, and links to their YouTube channel, which features a lot of content. There is also a museum café on site that’s open from 11:30 to 1:30 Tuesday through Friday. Again, it’s always best to check before you come, as hours can change.

The museum offers memberships, so if you’re local and plan on going often, this might be an option worth looking into. Membership includes free admission to all Tyler Museum of Art exhibitions, free or discounted admission to hundreds of different museums throughout North America, access for you and one guest to preview receptions at special events, a 10% discount in the museum café and gift shop, free parking at the museum, and an opportunity for discount tickets to specific programs and special events or fundraisers.

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