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Fence Installation

Longview Fence Company has been serving the city of Tyler and Smith County for over a decade with residential and commercial fence building and repair services. We build and repair all types of fences, including wood, vinyl, chain-link, wrought iron, and split rail. We are also well-versed in outdoor construction services, like building and repairing decks, building and repairing carports, and building or repairing pergolas, patios and gazebos. For homeowners and landlords with wood fences, let our seasoned crew stain your fence and give it the protection it needs from the East Texas weather. We offer free estimates on all jobs, so call today to get started on your next project.

Longview Fence Company proudly serves all of East Texas, including Blackjack, Shiloh, Danville, Kilgore, Wright City, and more.

Tyler, TX Fence Regulations

You can read the full content here, on the Tyler Code Enforcement page, but the basics are as follows:

If you own or control a property in the city of Tyler that is fenced and that fence is over 4 feet in height, it must not be out of alignment more than 1 foot as measured from the top of said fence.

If you own or control a property within city limits that has a fence under 4 feet, it cannot be out of alignment more than 6 inches vertically from the top. Exceptions to these rules include masonry walls that are not part of a multi-tenant property, or a single family or duplex property not sharing a wall with a neighbor.

Property owners and landlords must repair or replace any damaged wood planks or posts, including any that have been damaged by fire, insects, or weather.

Property owners and landlords must replace or repair any metal post or hardware that is broken, bent, ripped, or torn.

Property owners and landlords must replace any mortar, brick, or stones that have been dislodged from any type of masonry wall, unless that wall is part of a multi-family property or if it’s part of a single family or duplex property not sharing a wall with a neighbor.

As you can see, fence maintenance in Tyler can be complicated, and it’s taken very seriously by code enforcement officers. If you need fence repairs, call Longview Fence Company for a free quote.

Fence Building Company in Tyler, TX


Wood fences are the most popular type of fence, and they make up the majority of the work we do. Fences made from wood are environmentally friendly, easy to repair, and relatively cheap compared to their counterparts. They do need more care than those made of aluminum or vinyl, including staining and clear coats, but their price point keeps them at the head of the pack. It’s no wonder that wood fences dominate neighborhoods and urban settings.


A vinyl fence is constructed from a type of plastic called PVC (polyvinyl chloride). This PVC material is combined with certain chemical components to give the fence outstanding strength, long-term durability, and protection from the elements. Since the fence is manufactured from PVC or similar materials, vinyl fences come in a staggering array of colors. Vinyl can be a low-maintenance option when compared to other fencing materials, but the initial costs are high.

Wrought Iron

These fences are constructed of wrought iron, which is an extremely durable material. Wrought iron fences are able to hold up to a lot of pressure while still needing minimal upkeep. Iron will rust, so any portions of the fence that are scraped or scuffed should be primed and painted quickly. Although they don’t provide much in the way of privacy, their attractive look and longevity make them a good selection for numerous applications.

Chain Link

Chain link fencing is a great option to prevent pets, children, animals and unwelcome visitors from entering a yard, but it is generally not thought of as attractive like wrought iron or some wood fences. This type of fence is comprised of galvanized steel posts that sit at regular intervals, rails that typically run on the top and sometimes bottom of the fence, and mesh fencing. Installing is not a hard job, but the parts are all fairly heavy and not easy to get into place. Since chain-link fences can be tough to install, most homeowners will opt to hire a professional fence company. On its own, chain link does not provide much privacy, but homeowners can add privacy slats made from aluminum or plastic if desired. These slats are interwoven into the chain link to reduce the line-of-site.

Split-Rail Fences

Chances are, whether you know it or not, you’ve come across a split-rail fence at some point. Commonly found in rural areas, these fences are constructed from simple rough-sawn planks or split lumber (hence the name “split rail”), and their design has roots dating back to early colonial times. Displaying a distinctive rustic and straightforward appearance, split-rail fences offer a natural and beautiful option for those seeking an unassuming fencing solution.

Commercial Fences

Our expert team in commercial fencing is ready to help you plan your entire project. We offer prompt and accurate estimates, which in turn lead to quick installation times in line with your project goals and budget. You can rest assured that our commercial fence services include strong warranties on both materials and installation, underscoring our dedication to quality and customer satisfaction.

Dog Fences

Thinking about installing an underground dog fence? Call Longview Fence Company! We install pet fences designed to ensure the safety of your furry friends. Our team of fence experts can assist you in selecting the optimal pet containment system tailored to your unique situation and yard. We provide pet fencing solutions suitable for both experienced and new pet owners, catering to both cats and dogs. We can install both indoor and outdoor fencing systems, too.

Gates and Control Systems

Looking for the ultimate security access solution for your home or business? Automatic gates not only beef up security but also enhance the visual appeal of your property. Our proficient technicians are ready to install and maintain your automatic gate system. We offer installation services, repairs, and upgrades to all automatic and manual gates.

About Tyler, TX

Tyler is a city situated in the eastern part of Texas. It’s a vibrant community known for its rich history, cultural diversity, and the title of “Rose Capital of the World.” Tyler’s history dates back to the mid-19th century, when it was originally established by John B. Denton in 1846. The city was named after President John Tyler, the tenth President of the United States. The arrival of the railroad in the 1870s played a crucial role in Tyler’s growth, turning it into a major transportation hub and contributing to its economic development. Like many southern cities, Tyler faced challenges during the Civil War. However, the city recovered and experienced prosperity in the post-war period. Today, Tyler continues to captivate both residents and visitors, earning its reputation as a city that beautifully blends tradition with modernity.

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