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Vinyl fencing has gained popularity recently as a durable and versatile alternative to traditional fence materials like wood or metal. Vinyl fencing is made up mostly of PVC, or polyvinyl chloride. It has an amazing resilience to virtually all weather and insect issues, which makes vinyl fencing an ideal material for both residential and commercial applications.

Manufacturers produce these types of fences by extruding PVC into molds designed to replicate the shape of a fence panel or fence pole. After each piece is cool, it is treated with specific additives, which further increase its resistance to the sun, rain, and bugs. Through this manufacturing process, highly durable and resistant fence components are created, ensuring longevity and immunity to issues such as rot or rust for decades.

Vinyl fencing finds extensive use in both residential and commercial settings due to its adaptability and timeless look. In residential applications, vinyl fences are commonly used for privacy, decorative, or boundary purposes, providing homeowners with an attractive and low-maintenance fencing option. Additionally, vinyl fencing is employed in commercial and industrial settings for security, noise reduction, and aesthetic purposes. The diverse styles and colors available in vinyl fencing make it a versatile choice for various environments, and its resistance to environmental factors ensures a long lifespan, making it a cost-effective investment for those seeking a durable and visually appealing fencing solution.

Why Choose Vinyl Fencing?

Vinyl fencing can be a less expensive way to contain farm animals, kids and pets than other manufactured fence materials, like wrought iron. Vinyl fences require less maintenance than other fences, especially wood privacy types. Dust, pollen, and dirt from the weather can accumulate on the fence from time to time, so plan on spraying it down once in a while if you live in a pollen-laden area or in a windy place with a lot of dirt. Addressing damage resulting from larger animals, such as horses, vehicle collisions, or broken tree branches, is usually a straightforward and cost-effective process.

Although these fences are usually white, you can purchase other variations, like tan or beige, brown, or black. These variations may cost more than traditional white vinyl fencing. You may also purchase textured vinyl fencing to give it a more genuine wood look, but this is a more expensive alternative. Vinyl fences are not installed here in the South as much as they are in certain parts of the North, but they are a long-lasting product that will outlive wood fence products. It costs around twice as much to install a wood privacy fence. That price can increase even more if you’re installing a darker-colored vinyl fence or decide to go with a textured fence. Aside from the occasional pressure washing, vinyl privacy fences are low-maintenance, do not need to be stained or clear coated, and will keep your animals and children safe for decades.

Why Choose Longview Fence Company?

It is always vital to choose competent fence businesses around you that can show you examples of their work, give references, and have insurance, whether it is a home fence or a commercial fence. Longview Fence Company is a highly regarded fence business in the Longview/Tyler area and the surrounding regions that can construct any sort of fence, including vinyl fencing.

Longview Fence Company is the Longview area’s favorite fence contractor for both residential and business fencing installation and one of the best fence companies in Longview, TX. We provide a one-year craftsmanship warranty, free fence estimates, and financing alternatives, so you don’t have to save up in full to begin your project. In reality, when material prices rise over time, you may wind up paying the same total amount with today’s pricing plus some interest compared to cash pricing in the future. To get started, call us immediately or get a fence quotation online. We’d be delighted to hear from you! We might be able to give you a price over the phone. Otherwise, make an appointment with one of our fence estimators.

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