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Wood Fences

Wood fencing is relatively inexpensive compared to other options, provides seclusion and privacy, and has an amazing earthy and natural appearance that can complement landscaping and other garden elements. Longview Fence Company offers a variety of timber types to allow our clients to select the best solution for their budget and preferences. Western red cedar, redwood, spruce and pine are all options, depending on local availability. Call the best East Texas fence company today for a free quote on your next wood fence!

Lumber Choices

Spruce and Pine

Pine and spruce are the most budget-friendly types of wood that we can use to construct a wood fence for you. Both of these options are absolutely beautiful and showcase the natural beauty of wood products. Both pine and spruce can be customized design-wise and they can be stained with different colors or hues. They are not as weather-resistant and insect-resistant as some woods but they can last many years if maintained properly. If you’re in the market for a new fence and budget is one of the most important factors to you, then going with a pine fence or a spruce fence is probably the best choice for you.

Redwood and Cedar

As far as looks go, you can’t beat the natural beauty of redwood or cedar. However, there are some differences between the two. Cedar boards are generally a lighter color and can range from a light honey yellow to darker, reddish and brown hues. Redwood, as the name implies, is usually a darker and deeper red color and sometimes fades in and out of dark browns. If you are looking for the most weather- and insect-resistant woods, cedar is the better choice out of the two for resisting moisture, but redwood is more insect-resistant due to it’s higher content of tannins.

Cedar is usually easier to maintain, as the lighter-colored wood makes it easier to stain and clearcoat. Redwood, on the other hand, has a tendency to gray due to the natural oils contained in it. Regardless of which you choose, with the proper care and maintenance, both types of fences have the potential to last for decades.


We build all of our fences on-site from high-quality wood and hardware components. The most common types of posts are the round galvanized poles you’ve probably seen in neighborhoods. Just like all of the other fence companies out there, we’ve moved away from the 4″x4″ wooden posts, as they do not last as long in general and don’t have the strength against straight line winds. Our fence boards, regardless of the type of wood, are attached with ringed shank nails in order to avoid corrosion and pullback. We avoid pre-built panels unless the customer insists, as we’ve found our method of construction to last longer.

We offer many different styles of wood fencing, including traditional vertical fence boards, board-on-board construction, and newer-style horizontal board fences. These variations can be constructed in countless different configurations and are fully customizable. Fence heights are usually either 6 feet or 8 feet; however, we can install shorter or higher wood fences based on your needs.

We also offer framed fences and capped fences for those customers who want to really showcase their new investment. Framing a fence showcases its beauty and adds a level of sophistication. Capping a fence provides a real sense of professionalism and just looks amazing. Both of these services can be added to almost every type of fence.

Whether you’re looking for a basic fence to keep the neighbors dogs out or a one-of-a-kind 8-foot-tall privacy fence, Longview Fence Company can help!

Wood Fence Maintenance

We also offer maintenance services on all wood fences, including staining and repairs. Our professionals can breathe new life into old fences and protect your investment. If you’ve got a wood fence in place that needs some TLC, call the fence repair professionals at Longview Fence Company.

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