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Wood Fences

Wood fencing is inexpensive, provides seclusion, and has a lovely natural appearance that complements landscaping and other outdoor garden elements. Longview Fence Company offers a variety of timber types to allow our clients to select the best solution for their budget and preferences. Premium Treated Pickets (PTP), Japanese Cedar, and Western Red Cedar fences are available to our clients. Call the best East Texas fence company today for a free quote on your next wood fence!

Lumber Choices

Western Red Cedar

Western Red Cedar is the preferred material for exterior buildings such as fences, barns and patios. There are other fence alternatives, but none match the beauty, solidity, and lifespan of Western Red Cedar. Natural tannin oils in Western Red Cedar protect the lumber from insects, weather, and deterioration. Western red cedar fence material is supplied responsibly from the Pacific Northwest, where three trees are planted to replace one cut tree. The highest quality board manufactured with knots is #1-2Face, which is our standard Western Red Cedar grade. The boards will have tight, sound knots with very few flaws. All fences may be upgraded to a clear grade for an additional charge.

Japanese Cedar

Japanese cedar, not to be confused with Chinese or Incense cedar, has lately gained appeal as a high-quality fence material at a cheaper cost than western red cedar. Japanese wood is extremely long-lasting, and all components are imported and kiln-dried for improved beauty and function. Japanese cedar fence timber is waterproof and tannin-rich, which helps it resist insect damage and deterioration.

White Pine

We provide our superiorly treated white pine wood fence timber to our budget-conscious consumers. Our premium-treated white wood fence timber comes with a 10-year guarantee against insect damage, thanks to its pressure-treated structure and steel posts. The pickets are pre-stained, giving our clients the look of a western red cedar fence without the added cost.


Pre-Stained Fences

All of our Japanese Cedar and Western Red Cedar fences are available in medium or dark brown pre-stained finishes. Other colors are available, but may result in longer lead times and higher prices.

Alternatives for Wood Fence Staining

To protect your fence from the weather and enhance its natural beauty, we use a superior oil-based wood fence stain. Our wood fence staining services are ideal for homeowners’ associations (HOAs) that require annual fence maintenance and staining.

Specifications for a Wooden Fence

We create your wood fence using high-quality timber. We employ a standard adapted from Florida, where they frequently experience hurricanes. In other words, we construct your wood fence to the highest building standards. The main difference is that, unless otherwise stated, we install most of our wood fences with posts every eight feet rather than every four feet.


We construct your wood fence on-site from the ground up. We place each pillar in concrete to ensure that they do not move or slant. We fasten each board individually with hot-dipped galvanized ring shank nails that will not corrode or pull apart. This enables a more robust and personalized construction than pre-built panels. Your wooden fence is made to last.

Our Crockett board-on-board type wood fence provides total seclusion with overlapping boards, while our Duncan stockade side-by-side wood fencing provides privacy with abutting but not overlapping boards. Our Mcintosh shadowbox-type wood fence provides some privacy but is not fully opaque when viewed from an angle, resulting in reduced wind resistance.

Although wood fencing is not as sturdy or long-lasting as vinyl or aluminum fencing, it may still look nice for years with proper preventative care. Surface protection from weathering, fading, and climatic changes is provided by staining and sealing.

We manufacture all common wood fence types as well as custom wood fencing for customers who have special ideas about what form of wood fencing would complement their property. Please contact one of our sales representatives immediately to obtain an estimate for your new wood fence.

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