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For hundreds of years, wrought iron fences have symbolized not only security but also elegance and status. With an unmatchable combination of durability and visual appeal, wrought iron fences have bordered the property lines of residential homes, commercial buildings, and sprawling estates. When a homeowner or business owner installs a wrought iron fence around their home or business, they can expect the fence to add an air of prestige and sophistication to the property, regardless of the architectural style of the building.

Here are some common benefits to installing a wrought iron fence over a fence made with traditional materials:


Wrought iron is well-known for it’s durability and resilience to weather and pests. Wrought iron does not decay and is not prone to pest issues, like wood, plastic, and some vinyl fencing materials. For this reason, installing a wrought-iron fence is a great choice for someone who wants an extremely durable and long-lasting fence.


Another amazing feature of wrought iron is it’s amazing security features. This type of metal is hard to dent and nearly impossible to break. There have been many cases where cars have run into wrought iron fences, and the fence holds up, although dented and damaged. The robust nature of the material makes it ideal for any person looking for an extremely effective deterrent to thieves and trespassers. It also increases the safety of any property. 


Wrought iron is known for it’s upscale appearance and adds a touch of elegance to any home or business, regardless of the architectural style. These types of fences also come in many ornate styles, so they’re able to match any home or business look. Wrought iron is the go-to fence material for anyone looking to increase the overall appeal of a property.

Low Maintenance:

Since these fences are made of wrought iron, they are one of the easiest to maintain. The only thing to watch out for with these types of fences is the possibility of rust. If the paint on any part of the fence comes off, rust can form on the surface. To combat this, the fence must be inspected every few years. If any rust is found, it must be removed and painted. This can be tougher in parts of the country near saltwater.

Installing a wrought iron fence:

Installing a wrought-iron fence is a job best left to a professional. We’ll go over the basic steps here, but calling in a professional metal fence builder, like Longview Fence Company, can expedite the process and save the average homeowner some grief.

Prepare the site:

Before installation day, the area where the fence will go must be prepped properly, including:

  • Clearing the site where the fence will be placed
  • Leveling the ground
  • Marking location for the fence posts
  • Lining up materials and hardware
Installing the fence posts:

The second step is installing the fence posts at the proper locations. Posts should be set in concrete, be plum, level, and evenly spaced for the best look.

Attach the fence panels:

The third step is to install the panels between the posts. The installer must make sure the panels are level and secured correctly. Any deviation in the height, angle, or spacing can detract from the look of the fence. 

Installing the gate:

If the fence will have a corresponding gate to go along with it, then the installation of this gate is the next step. Some gates will roll or slide into place, while others will swing open and close. Getting to this step is critical. If the gate is crooked or offset, the effects will increase when the gate is opened. 

Finishing touches:

The final touches can now be completed. If the fence is to include any special scroll work or finials, they should now be attached. The fence should be inspected one last time, and then any finishing can be completed, including paint if needed.

Wrought iron fences can be expensive to install, but if you want extreme longevity, unmatched visual appeal, and enhanced security, then a wrought iron fence is the only way to go. If you’d like a free estimate on a wrought iron fence or would like to speak with someone about the options, please reach out to us at 903-201-0234.

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